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What does it do?

It supports reading RSS and Atom and JSON feeds and then posting those items to Mastodon and and Bluesky and GitHub and Discord and LinkAce. Or it can send them as Webmentions and Webhooks.

What is an echo though?

FeedService = an Echo

What does it cost?


  • One Echo
  • Fetched every 15 minutes


Can't get cheaper than that! Unless I pay you to use it which doesn't seem like a good business model.

EchoFeed Pro

  • Unlimited Echoes
  • Fetched every 2 minutes

$25 a year

I'll email you before it renews because I'm not trying to trick you and I don't suck.

EchoFeed Pro (Prami's Version)

  • EchoFeed Pro but cheaper
  • Exclusively for members of

$25 $20 a year

Not a member? Sign up to here

Connect to on your subscription page.
As long as you're an active member of, you'll get $5 off every year, as a treat.

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How about some examples?

✨ EchoFeed can turn this...

{{ title }} {{ link }} #EchoFeed

...into this on Mastodon ...

...or this...

{{ title }} {{ link }}

{{ summary }}

...into this on Bluesky ...

...or turn this...

title: {{ title }}
permalink: "blog/{{ date:iso }}/index.html"
date: "{{ datetime:iso }}"

{{ content }}

...into this on GitHub ...

...or turn this...

{{ title }} {{ link }}

...into this on Discord 🪄

Very Good Questions

Why is it called EchoFeed?

The good reason: Because it takes a feed and "echoes" it to other services. The real reason: It reads RSS feeds, so Feeder. Feeder are a band with an album called Echo Park. Echo is a good name because the album link AND the meaning of the word echo. Naming things is hard, leave me alone.

This was how I named Echo Classic and I'm using it here too.

Why should I use EchoFeed when I can just run Echo Classic?

If you can run Echo Classic that's great! But not everyone has access to, or wants to manage, a server to run it. EchoFeed also has more features than Echo Classic like multiple accounts, for example.

Who makes EchoFeed?

Me, Robb Knight. I'm a developer and podcaster based in the UK. You can find out more about me on my website.

Does EchoFeed send a specific user agent when crawling feeds?

It does. EchoFeed fetch bot;

How do I contact you with a question not answered here?

Drop me an email: